Those Lovely Bones


This mix is based on the miraculous bone knitting powers of Comfrey, with the added anti inflammatories, pain relief, digestions aids and immune boosters.

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This mix is designed especially for horses that have had a bone related injury.  It is based on the world renown bone mending powers of Comfrey.  We have then added, anti-inflammatory herbs, pain relieving devil’s claw, calcium, plus vitamins and minerals.  This combination can quicken healing time, aid the body in the repair process and help get back to peak condition.

Comfrey leaf is best known for healing bone, cartilage and soft tissue, hence its common name “knit bone.


For optimum results, we recommend doing a de-tox for your horse’s system before starting other treatments… A detoxed body will absorb and utilise nutrients in a much more effective manner.


Ingredients:  comfrey, devils claw, our own Turmeric blend


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Those Lovely Bones

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