Those Lovely Bones


This mix is based on the miraculous bone knitting powers of comfrey, with added anti-inflammatory, pain relief, digestions aids and immune boosters.

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The miraculous bone healing benefits are well documented and have been used for centuries.  We have based our mix around Comfrey, then added other herbs that relate to bone type injuries that will speed the recovery of your dog.

Immune boosters to help the system fight.  Pain killers to keep the dog more comfortable.  Anti-inflammatory herbs to help fight off any infections.  The bonus of using natural products, is that while you are not only decreasing the amount of toxins you are putting in to your dog’s system, but the herbs serve a dual purpose of not only healing, but they also contain many vitamins and minerals that impact on general health.

For optimum results, we recommend doing a de-tox for your dog’s system before starting other treatments… A detoxed body will absorb and utilise nutrients in a much more effective manner.


Ingredients: rosehip,  devils claw, comfrey, our own Turmeric blend

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Those lovely bones

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