Stress Less Plus


All natural aid in lowering stress and anxiety, with the added benefits of hormone levellers, especially designed for the breeding or entire dog



Stress less plus has been aimed specifically at entire dogs that are having trouble with stress and anxiety.  Hormone levelling herbs have been added to the normal herb combination to target hormones, bringing them into balance and allowing the other herbs in this combination to effectively aid with calming nerves and lower anxiety.

Show dogs that get anxious in the ring or breeding bitches that get stressed at mating time, would benefit from this combination.

Small dog up to 10 kg (150g)
Medium dog 10 – 25 kg (300g)
Large dog 25 – 50 kg (450g)
Giant dog over 50 kg (600g)

Supersafe Animal Herbs recommends use of the general De-tox Mix as a cleanse for the system prior to other treatments, using a De-tox before starting other treatments greatly increases the efficiency of other herbal treatments…

Ingredients: chasteberry, valerian, magnesium, calcium, probiotic


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Small dog, Medium dog, Large dog, Giant dog


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