Sooth & Move


10 day treatment, designed to relax the mind and muscles, before and after a hard workout or chiropractic/massage session.

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Going to the Chiropractor or getting a massage, is wonderful, it helps keep our bodies in shape and relieves those aches and pains..It can also be painful, having our bits manipulated back into place, or sore muscles massaged to remove kinks and notes, it all can hurt for a few days afterwards.  Our Pets are no different.

This mix is specifically designed to help sooth those aching muscles, release tension and lower any anxiety associated with a visit from the Chiropractor of Massage Therapist.

This is a 10 day treatment, started 3 days before taking your pet for a treatment and continued for the 7 days afterwards.  Starting 3 days before, will ensure the herbs are well into your pets system, already starting to relax muscles, calm any stress and anxiety, start working on any pain and supply nutrients to the muscles.  This mix has anti inflammatory properties, to help settle any inflammation, so continuing the mix for the 7 days after treatment, will help your pet bounce back, with the lest amount of discomfort possible.  Help to help them stay calm and relaxed and could lower recovery time.

Sooth & Move would also be beneficial to your animal if you have had a big weekend or competition day and your dog, has come back a little fatigued or muscle sore.  Calming properties to allow him/her to relax, pain relief and nutrients for the muscles will work wonders on that tired body.


Ingredients: Chamomile – valerian – magnesium – devils claw – calcium


PLEASE NOTE:   Devils Claw and Valerian are considered performance enhancing, and are therefore illegal for any competition dog that may require swabbing. 

Do Not feed to for a minimum of 7 days before competition..

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sooth & Move

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