Roll Back The Years


A herbal ” pick me up and get me going” combination for the senior canine, comprised of natural herbs, minerals and vitamins.

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Roll back the years has been designed to target the areas of the older canine’s systems that require a little extra help as they get older.

Oils for healthy hair and skin, pain relief for stiff joints and muscles, pro-biotic for the gut, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants for general health. Plus, bonus of Ginseng, that helps the system absorb nutrients better.

Small dog up to 10 kg (200g)
Medium dog 10 – 25 kg (400g)
Large dog 25 – 50 kg (600g)
Giant dog over 50 kg (800g)

Super safe Animal Herbs recommends use of the general De-tox Mix as a cleanse for the system prior to other treatments, using a De-tox before starting other treatments greatly increases the efficiency of other herbal treatments…

Ingredients: linseed powder, probiotic, calcium, magnesium, kelp, ginseng, Our own turmeric blend

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Small dog, Medium dog, Large dog, Giant dog


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