Roll Back The Years


A herbal tonic for the senior feline, comprising of all natural herbs, minerals and vitamins. Roll back the years, will assist with digestion, pain relief, and healthy coat, skin and bones.

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Roll back the years has been designed to target the areas of the older felines systems that require a little extra help as they age.
Oils for healthy coat and skin, pain relief for stiff joints and muscles, pro-biotic for the gut. Multiple vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidents for gereral health.
Plus Ginseng to help the system absorb nutrients better.

We have packaged as either a powder to mix in food, or as a capsule, simply choose your prefered method of feeding from the listed options.

Ingredients: ground linseed, probiotic, calcium, magnesium, ginseng, our own turmeric blend – pre activated..

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