Roll Back The Years Plus


A herbal mix for the senior equine, designed to strengthen the system and improve the ageing system. Plus Pain relief



This mix is essentially similar to our Roll back the Years formula but has the added benefits of rosehip for extra joint support and Devils Claw for pain relief;  it still contains herbs designed to help the older equine.  Relief for joints and muscles, a boost for the immune system, extra vitamins and minerals required as we age, supplements for bone and hoof care, pro-biotic for gut health, essential oils for skin and coat.

As our horse starts getting older, this is the time to really have a good look at the diet – is he/she getting all the requirements needed to maintain health.  The older equine, in some ways is more valuable than his younger counter-part, don’t put him/her out to pasture.  Your older horse has years of experience to pass on and being kept in work is the best thing for them. Just a little added help to their diet, can make all the difference.

For optimum results, we recommend doing a de-tox for your horse’s system before starting other treatments… A detoxed body will absorb and utilise nutrients in a much more effective manner.


Ingredients: linseed, pro-biotic, magnesium, calcium, French white millet, our own turmeric blend, Rosehip, Devils Claw


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