Moody Mare


An all natural aid to balance hormones, calm and relieve anxiety in seasonal mares.



Moody mare has been specially designed to help bring relief to mares that suffer mood swings when in season.

The main ingredient; Chase Berry, is a well-known hormone balancer.  This has been combined without herbs and minerals, to not only align your mare’s hormones, but also to lower anxiety levels, calm and relax.

This product is particularly successful for the mare that cannot cope with competition day’s once a month.

For optimum results, we recommend doing a de-tox for your horse’s system before starting other treatments… A detoxed body will absorb and utilise nutrients in a much more effective manner.

Ingredients: chaste berry, chamomile, probiotic, calcium, magnesium

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Weight 1.5 kg
moody mare

1.5kg, 3kg


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