Level Head


Anti-stress, calming formula

and all natural aid designed to alleviate anxiety and stress in horses.



Level head formula contains B group vitamins together with magnesium, that is proving to be a successful aid in calming stressful horses, helping to lower anxiety levels.

A little calcium to added to this mix to aid in absorption of magnesium into the body.

Level head is not a sedative; it simply helps lower adrenaline levels allowing your horse to process his surrounds, calming his anxiety levels, which will then enable him to process and deal with strange or new things, in a more logical manner.

  1. Level head has had proven results in horses with:
  2. Float related stress – helping to calm and aid in lowing anxiety when horse is being transported.
  3. Game day jitters – aiding competition horses that get anxious when at competition including camera flashed at night competition.
  4. Environmental stress – helping sensitive horses that have issues with new elements in their paddock, such as machinery work going on, new or strange neighbour’s like goats or donkeys.
  5. Hypo horse – even those special equines, that just can’t contain their excitement when the herd decides to have a play, can benefit from level head and its calming properties, allowing them to have fun without becoming over the top and dangerous.


Description is a guide only.

For optimum results, we recommend doing a de-tox for your horse’s system before starting other treatments… A detoxed body will absorb and utilise nutrients in a much more effective manner.


Ingredients: Probiotic, calcium, magnesium


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