Kinda Kitten


An all round supplement for growing kittens, targeting all areas of growth.



Kinda Kitten is a supplement mix of super herbs designed to ensure your precious baby is getting all the necessary supplements, that are 100 % natural, to promote strong growth, in all areas of the body.
It contains, probiotics for a healthy gut, immune boosters, natural supplements for hair, teeth and bone growth, and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals all aimed specifically at the needs of the growing feline. Just a little added to their daily meal will help maintain correct levels in all areas of the body, your kitten will not only look great, but will feel great.

We have packaged as either a powder to mix in food, or as a capsule, simply choose your prefered method of feeding from the listed options.

Ingredients: ground linseed, probiotic, rosehip, calcium, magnesium, ginseng

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capsules 1 month, capsules 2 month, capsules 3 month, powder 1 month, powder 2 month, powder 3 month


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