Immune Boost


Immune Boost

A natural “kick start” for the entire immune system

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Unique blend of immune boosting herbs, to get into the system and strengthen all the areas that control the health of your animal….

When the immune system is not functioning at correct levels, it starts to affect many and varied aspects; a low immune can affect performance, allergies, make you susceptible to infection and the list goes on.

A simple an easy way to ensure your pets optimum health is to supplement a couple of times a year, with a herbal immune booster.  100% natural, easy to feed just add daily to food for 3 weeks, apart from the immune boosting properites, these herbs are also packed with vitamins and minerals.


Ingredients:  Licorice, Garlicplus, Ginger, Oregano, Rosemary, Turmeric, Rosehip, Black sunflower

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  1. tracey

    Brilliant product, my Rhodesian Ridgeback has very thin ear skin which means that when he shakes his head, he tears the skin on a regular basis. These tears then become sores that wont heal, without being kept taped up. I tried this product and the skin healed much more quickly and now he very rarely needs his ears to be taped. Much happier dog. Annette.

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