Glamour Coat


All natural essential oils, vitamins and minerals with the added benefits of garlic plus, designed to bring out the shine and colour in your dogs coat.



This combination of herbs and oil producing seeds adds shine and vitality to a dog coat.  It also brings out exceptional colour, with the bonus of vitamins and minerals that are good for your dog’s general health.  Stop using spay on wipe on additives to the coat and start growing healthy shiny coat from the inside, you can achieve a show shine all year round by simply supplementing your dog’s food with enriched goodness.

Small dog up to 10 kg (150g)
Medium dog 10 – 25 kg (300g)
Large dog 25 – 50 kg (450g)
Giant dog over 50 kg (600g)

Super safe Animal Herbs recommends use of the general De-tox Mix as a cleanse for the system prior to other treatments, using a De-tox before starting other treatments greatly increases the efficiency of other herbal treatments…

Ingredients: Black sunflower powder, linseed powder, rosehip, seaweed meal, rosemary, garlic plus

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Small dog, Medium dog, Large dog, Giant dog


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