Ditch The Itch


Allergies, irritated skin, scratch mad, if this sounds like your horse, Ditch the Itch could be the answer.  All natural ingredients that could offer to soothe skin irritations, allergies and bring back the health of your horses skin and coat from the inside.



So, your horse is itchy!!!  you have done the normal checks – rug is clean, coat is clean – So what’s the problem?

Like us horses can suffer from allergies, they also can get skin irritations from certain materials or a lack of nutrients in their system.  The causes are endless, but the solution could be as simple as adding certain herbs to their diet.  Ditch the Itch contains herbs that may assist with a broad range of skin problems.

This is not a fix for every problem, but we have had excellent results with environmental allergies, as a general “go to” when traditional methods are not working.  In fact, it could well be that the chemicals used in modern products could very well be the thing that is causing the problem.  Don’t forget, the skin is the biggest organ, and anything put on it, can and will be absorbed into the body.  Over time, chemicals used in fly sprays, skin soothes, shampoo’s and other man-made products, can build up in the horse’s system and actually cause more damage, than good.  Anytime you put something into your horse’s system that is not natural, the body treats it as a toxin, now when this is only small amounts, the body can cope, but over time, with preservatives in everything from their food to shampoo, fly sprays, the wormers and the list goes on, this may build up to a level where the system can no longer cope and can present as a skin condition.     Food for Thought!!!

Super safe Animal Herbs recommends use of the general De-tox Mix as a cleanse for the system prior to other treatments, using a De-tox before starting other treatments greatly increases the efficiency of other herbal treatments…


Ingredients: Linseed powder, kelp, rose hip, garlic plus, probiotic, French white millet.

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