A general detox aimed at, but not limited to, digestion, liver, kidneys and lungs.



Wormers, medications, additives in food, pesticides, cigarette smoke and the list go on. All these things plus many more may be slowly clogged your horse’s system, filling it with toxins, that can over time build up to a point of no return.
There is an infinite number of toxins in the environment, so it is not realistic to avoid toxins completely, however, try to eliminate as many as you can. In addition, maintain a high-quality diet which will lower toxins by ingestion. The best way to prevent toxins negatively affecting your pet’s health status, is to ensure they are provided with the correct supplements to help flush the system and allow their immune system to deal with these pervasive substances without harming the body. The bonus to healthy, functioning filters is that they not only process toxins out of the body, but they also process nutrients going in, so when the system is overloaded, no matter what good stuff you are putting in, it simply is not being distributed correctly by the over taxed bodies control centre and is wasted. The answer is simple – Detox
De-tox has been designed with exactly this function in mind…. Just as humans use a detox to cleanse their systems and help our bodies, dogs also benefit from the same. This two-week detox can help flush kidneys, liver and gut, as well as an anti-bacterial for lungs. The bodies four main filters are digestive, liver, immune, kidneys. If all these filters become clogged with toxins, the last stop is circulation and heart, then potentially cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The body is a marvellous thing, but in our modern society, sometimes it just needs a little extra help. A detox programme is simple, but the benefits are amazing.
And here’s the beauty of Super safe products, if you animal has the cleanest, most well functioned system it could possibly have, (which unless you live in a toxin free environment and are 100% organic, it won’t be). then detoxing using our products will still only benefit your animal as it is 100% natural and even if a detox was not required, the herbs are still packed with vitamins and minerals that are only beneficial.
Remember! It’s what on the inside, that is reflected on the outside.

Ingredients:  Echinacea, devils claw, milk thistle, burdock, liquorice, rosehip

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