Canine Covered, complete supplement mix


That little extra boost for a balanced system

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This mix has been designed for the adult dog, as a dietary supplement to ensure your dog receives a complete, balanced amount of essential vitamins and minerals within his diet.  Covering magnesium, calcium, b6, c and a, plus probiotics for healthy gut and anti-bacterial, anti – fungal to fight off infections and immune boosters, it also contains oils for coat and joint supplements.

A perfect easy to add, mix to ensure your dog’s, entire system is receiving the correct dietary supplements.  within a short amount of time, you will see the health and vitality shining through.

This mix now complements our “complete mix” range to cover all canines, from weaning to retirement, with each mix catering to the dietary needs of the dogs system at each stage in their life.

Ingredients:  probiotics, French white millet, calcium, magnesium, rosehip, rosemary, kelp, black sunflower, linseed, pepitas

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