About Us

Supersafe animal herbs, is a company that has been formed with two goals in mind.

Firstly, we aim to enlighten the general public about the need for extra vitamins, minerals and herbs in their pets lives. We are living in a world full of toxins and are constantly being told one product can fulfil the dietary requirements of our pets, but that is not true.

Horses cannot live on hay alone, no matter how good the quality is. Horses are meant to roam hundreds of acres, picking at different grasses each containing different sources of goodness for the horses dietary requirements, they would roam to different areas and lick rock and dirt to get much needed vitamins and minerals.  Today, this is not possible, so we rely on feeds we buy and supplements to provide a nutrient rich meal. However, no matter how good your feed system is, chemicals and toxins are still getting into your horses system via manufactured pain relief, wormers, wound sprays and the list goes on. This is where our products are beneficial, providing alternatives and extra supplements to ensure your horses health.

Dogs also are meant to roam, eating not only meat but hair, bone, and internal organs containing pre digested grains and seeds. Again, as with the horses, one type of meal is not enough.

Secondly, we ensure that companion animals have access to the best quality in herbs, vitamins and minerals. Not only for general health, but to replace some of the toxins found in normal pet products. We are constantly researching and adding to our knowledge about alternatives that are not only safe, but nutrient rich for our pets. Natural combinations to dull pain, remove worms, detox the body, and specific herbs to help with things like arthritis, crushing’s and much more.

With 30 years experience, we are proud of the products we are offering and as horse and dog owners ourselves, we know they work and promote optimal health and wellbeing. We offer a variety of products and sizes suitable for all breeds and sizes. If there is something that you are looking for and it is not currently on our site, please just ask and we will endeavour to source it for you.

Blessing of good health
Mark, Vicki and Tracey


No Chemicals


All Natural


Promotes Health and Well Being


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30 Years Experience